• Your Essential Guide to Insulin: So Many Choices, Which do I Choose?

    Your Essential Guide to Insulin: So Many Choices, Which do I Choose?

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    Administration of insulin has long been the standard of care for the treatment of canine and feline diabetes mellitus. Although insulin is necessary for effective diabetes treatment, the process of choosing the optimal insulin for a newly diagnosed diabetic dog or cat is not without its difficulties. This talk will explore the physiological, pharmacological, and practical aspects of selecting and using insulin in clinical patients. Insulin action and the pharmacological principles that govern its use in diabetic patients will be reviewed. Formulations of commercial insulin preparations and their clinical application to diabetes management will be discussed. Current knowledge and new research will be used to inform clinical decision making and guidelines developed for insulin selection and use. Emphasis will be placed on selecting the best insulin to achieve specific therapeutic endpoints while simultaneously addressing patient lifestyle and quality of life goals.  

    Internal Medicine

    Presented by Thomas Schermerhorn, VMD, DACVIM(SAIM)
    Professor and Morgan K. "Al" Jarvis Chair in Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University

    Presented at New York Vet 2019