• Vet Show Academy


    CloserStill Media (organiser of nine leading veterinary exhibitions around the world) has partnered with leading veterinary digital services provider Vetstream to create Vet Show Academy, a version of Vetacademy, Vetstream’s eLearning platform.

    Vet Show Academy will enable all veterinary practice team members to have online access to the best and most relevant CPD/CE content, whenever and wherever they are. It is supplied by leading experts on both clinical and practice management topics who have presented at one of the Vet Shows from around the world. Vet teams will be able to select content from one of CloserStill’s nine shows, or relating to a particular species, as well as a precise body system and/or discipline. Once the user has viewed the presentation on any internet-enabled device, they will be able to check their understanding of the key points in each presentation via Multiple Choice Questions. If the user achieves the required mark, they will be issued with a Vet Show branded CPD/CE certificate.

    Vet Show Academy users will be able to access the recorded content and multiple-choice questions for the Vet Show(s) that they attend at preferential prices, and will also be entitled to access presentations from the other Vet Shows run by CloserStill Media.

    Vet Show attendees can thus not only refer to presentations that they attended to refresh their memories but also benefit from being able to learn from presentations that clashed with their other conference commitments.

    CloserStill’s Vet Show conferences are currently held in Europe (London, Koln, Paris) and Asia (Singapore), as well as five shows in the USA, (Austin, New York, Chicago, Washington and the Wild West).

    Veterinary practice team members who do not attend one of the Vet Shows will also be able access Vet Show academy at a premium rate.

    Commenting on the partnership, CloserStill Media’s Vet Show Managing Director Rob Chapman said, “We’ve been recording our content for a number of years and offering it to delegates as CPD webinars, with up to 150 hours of CPD education per year. The partnership with Vetstream and the launch of Vet Show Academy really enhances this feature. Now all Vet Show delegates can benefit from the world-class content we are collecting from our global portfolio of events. Plus, the extra features of multiple-choice questions and certificates means our delegates have easily collatable proof of CPD at assessment time.”

    Dr Mark Johnston, Managing Director of Vetstream, added: “We provide both Vetlexicon and Vetacademy for veterinary practice team members around the world on both clinical and practice management topics. The portfolio of content that the Vet Shows present each year across their nine Vet Shows is huge and will give a significant amount of content for all team members (whether veterinarians, nurses or practice managers) to choose from.

    As long-term exhibitors at many of CloserStill’s Vet Shows, we are delighted to further our partnership into digital education.  We look forward to bringing the wide range of content from all over the world into the Vet Show Academy so that Vet Show delegates can benefit from the presentations at shows they have attended and many others that they were not able to attend. As the profession’s regulators increasingly require professionals to prove that they are carrying out continuing education, having Vet Show branded certificates not only shows that a delegate has attended, but also demonstrates that they have understood the key clinical take-home points provided by the most respected key opinion leaders.”

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