• You, me, and us: how relationships may be the key to greater personal and professional satisfaction

    You, me, and us: how relationships may be the key to greater personal and professional satisfaction

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    Our current veterinary retention crisis is due in part to a significant disconnect between the needs and expectations of those providing, leading, and using veterinary services. Burnout, which may be characterised by high emotional exhaustion and a low sense of personal accomplishment has been positively associated with perceived treatment and care errors, a desire to change career, and depression.
    It is suggested the factor veterinary surgeons most dislike about their job are the people elements (which mostly relates to dealing with clients and feeling undervalued). However, routine, positive interactions, particularly with co-workers and supervisors, is likely to be a strong preventive measure against burnout. Sadly, strong relationships, particularly amongst worker and manager, are not a regular workplace feature for many.
    We will explore the basics of workplace communication and apply this through the lens of 2022 veterinary practice life. This session is suited to the entire practice team and not just those in leadership roles. You will leave with an appreciation of what you are able to control and influence when it comes to workplace communication, and how this may be beneficial to your personal and professional needs.


    • 1.A knowledge of what may prevent and contribute to strong relationships in 21st century veterinary practice.
    • 2.An understanding of the ‘characters’ in 21st century veterinary practice and the role / responsibility of each in attaining (and maintaining) strong relationships.
    • 3.An appreciation of the immediate and long-term actions you may wish to consider taking after today, in the context of achieving better workplace relationship.
    Alice Watson, Small animal veterinary surgeon - BVA MBEC
    Richard Casey, Executive Director - World Small Animal Veterinary Association


    Friday18 Nov 2022, 12:30

    BVA Career Development

    Presented at London Vet Show 2022

    Please note this session is not RACE-approved but you can still earn a CPD certificate