• Why Everyone Should Be Uptight About the Bite!

    Why Everyone Should Be Uptight About the Bite!

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    This course overviews some of the latest information, studies, rising prevalence data, and protocols surrounding heartworm disease and prevention. The protocols supported by the American Heartworm Society, the Companion Animal Parasite Council, and the American Animal Hospital Association will be reviewed and analyzed. The discussion uses the veterinary oath and our profession’s lifelong obligation to the continual improvement of our knowledge and competence to drive the prevention and relief of animal suffering as the foundation to support an open dialogue of the veterinary professions’ direction and why customer convenience is overriding and, in some cases, superseding best medicine and medical recommendations. The presentation will also cover the economics of preventative dispensing and how decisive recommendations, based on the previous criteria, can increase not only heartworm preventative sales, but also flea & tick preventative sales, as well.

    Internal Medicine/Diagnostics

    Presented by Todd G. McCracken, BS, DVM
    Veterinary Services Manager for the North Central Region at Ceva Animal Health

    Presented at Chicago Vet 2019