• What’s Plan B? For Gingivostomatitis in the Cat

    What’s Plan B? For Gingivostomatitis in the Cat

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    Chronic gingivostomatitis in the cat is a painful and debilitating disease. It is a frustrating and complicated disease of complex and unclear aetiology. Accurate diagnosis is paramount, along with clear client communication. There is no guaranteed cure for this condition, but roughly two thirds of cats will respond well to competently performed surgical extractions. The remaining refractory one third of cats pose a clinical conundrum. Clinicians should have a plan a, b, c and d for these cases. This lecture will summarise current evidence-based literature for possible options.

    Plan B / Diseases

    Presented by Rachel Perry, BSc, BVM&S, MANZCVS, Dipl.EVDC, MRCVS
    Honorary Lecturer at Royal Veterinary College

    Sponsored by Improve International

    Presented at the London Vet Show 2019
    RVC Clinical Theatre 2
    Thursday, November 14 at 4:15 PM