• Unusual Gaits - Keeping an Open Mind

    Unusual Gaits - Keeping an Open Mind

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    Gait assessment plays a large role in evaluation of horses with a complaint of poor performance, lameness, stumbling or possible incoordination. Lameness is frequently defined as an alteration in a horse’s gait caused by pain or mechanical restrictions. The source of the pain might be within the leg but can be in other parts of the body. Neuromuscular disease might present as ataxia or weakness (paresis) but pain can also contribute to the observed abnormalities. Using cases as examples, the talk aims to provide some guidelines on how to work through these often challenging cases to obtain the correct diagnosis.

    Equine / Neurology

    Presented by Bettina Dunkel, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DECEIM, DACVECC, FHEA
    Associate Professor in Equine Medicine at Royal Veterinary College

    Presented at the London Vet Show 2019
    RVC Equine Theatre 1
    Thursday, November 14 at 11:40 AM