• Ticked off! Controlling parasites in dogs & cats

    Ticked off! Controlling parasites in dogs & cats

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    This talk examines the evidence (and lack thereof) underlying the parasiticide-manufacturing industry’s, and ESCCAP’s, recommendation of frequent, year-round, parasiticide treatment of adult dogs and cats for Toxocara worms and fleas. That guidance is incorporated in most companion-animal veterinary practices’ pet-health plans – but is it necessary for most adult dogs and cats in the UK? As parasiticides are contaminating the environment, veterinary surgeons should attempt to reduce the usage of these drugs. A risk-based approach to prevention and treatment should allow substantial reduction of the companion-animal profession’s parasiticide usage, and suggestions will be made as to how this can be achieved.

    • To understand the evidence underlying the usage of parasiticides to treat or prevent Toxocara infections and flea infestations of dogs and cats in the UK. In particular, to understand the degree to which the evidence does, or does not, support frequent, year-round usage in adult dogs and cats, or a more risk-based approach allowing a reduction of parasiticide usage. Suggestions for a risk-based approach will be presented.

    Infectious Diseases

    Presented by Martin Whitehead - Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital

    Presented at BVA Live 2023
    Clinical Theatre 1
    Thursday, 11 May, 14:00-14:50

    Please note this session is not RACE-approved but you can still earn a CPD certificate