• The Human Cost of Veterinary Care - Causes

    The Human Cost of Veterinary Care - Causes

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    Currently the veterinary profession world-wide is burdened by attrition, burnout and disengagement of vets and nurses, and it’s getting worse. Why is it that in a job with all the inherent intrinsic motivators of purpose, mastery and autonomy we are struggling so much and seeing so much human wastage, de-motivation and poor performance? It is all too easy to point the finger at outside forces of economy, corporates, competition and clients – however this is a crisis of our own making – of swapping pets for profit and people for processes. The pendulum has swung too far and may not return to balance any time soon. This exploration of neuroscience, philosophy and empathetic observation of vets in practice offers some thoughts and solutions.

    Wellbeing/Practice Management

    Presented by Alan Robinson
    Director at Vet Dynamics UK Ltd

    Sponsored by Vet Dynamics

    Presented at the London Vet Show 2019
    Business Theatre
    Friday, November 15 at 12:10 PM