• Ten Top Tips to Becoming a Better Surgeon

    Ten Top Tips to Becoming a Better Surgeon

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    Following graduation, we climb a steep learning curve as we adjust to the demanding lifestyle of the practicing veterinarian. It is often a few years before we feel at ease with our career and our competence in the operating theatre. We strive to learn from our mistakes, and certainly try not to make the same mistake twice! If one’s career specializes into a specific discipline or interest (such as surgery), and experience grows, we tend to develop a personal set of standards and protocols. This list of guidelines and tips developed over 37 years will minimize complications, maximize clinical competence, improve outcomes and enhance confidence in the surgical arena.


    Presented by Dr Bryden Stanley BVMS, MANZCVSc, MRCVS, MVetSc, DACVS
    Surgery Professor, Michigan State University

    Sponsored by ERBE

    Presented at Singapore Vet 2019
    RVC Clinical Theatre 2
    Saturday, 12 October at 13:30 PM