• Temperature Extremes: From Hypothermia to Heat Stroke

    Temperature Extremes: From Hypothermia to Heat Stroke

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    This course will remain RACE-approved until April 6th 2022. Please complete the quiz and submit it for license renewal before that date to received CE credit.

    This lecture is intended to discuss the concerns of hypothermia and heatstroke. Discuss the pathophysiology of hypothermia, including mechanisms for heat loss, systemic effects, and treatment. Discuss the pathophysiology of heatstroke, including differentiation from pyrexia, the mechanisms for heat gain, systemic effects, treatment, and nursing care.

    Emergency and Critical Care RACE

    Presented by Courtney Waxman, CVT, RVT, VTS (ECC)
    Instructional Technologist at Purdue University

    Presented at New York Vet 2019
    Veterinary Nurse & Technician's Theater

    1 RACE-approved CE credit can be earned upon completion of this course if your post-course quiz score is higher than 70%.