• Pre-Pubertal Neutering–What’s the Evidence?

    Pre-Pubertal Neutering–What’s the Evidence?

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    There is very little scientific literature on the optimal timing for neutering dogs and cats, yet this is a surgery we perform daily. If you have ever asked yourself: what timing is the best or how young is too young to neuter then this will be a helpful session with a summarization of the most current evidence regarding the benefits of prepubertal neutering with the balance of the discussion on the documented sequelae of early neutering. After this session, you should be able to consider the options and advise your clients based on the most current information.


    Presented by Laura Selmic, BVetMed (Hons.), MPH, DACVS-SA, DECVS
    Assistant Professor at the Small Animal Surgery at The Ohio State University

    Presented at New York Vet 2019 

    Clinical Theater 1