• Perioperative Analgesia – Choosing the Best Options for Your Patient

    Perioperative Analgesia – Choosing the Best Options for Your Patient

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    To be able to choose the best analgesic option for our patient means we have to distinguish the surgical procedures that are deemed to be painful given our understanding of pain physiology and the injury being treated (or created by the surgery). There is no exact process for doing this and opinions will differ. This leads us to examine how we can recognise pain, which can be difficult at times, at all stages of the anaesthetic: prior to induction; during the anaesthetic procedure; through the recovery phase, and, after the patient is fully emerged. We will then briefly review the different analgesia options and outline some methods of combining these in a multimodal approach to provide excellent analgesia, whatever the stage of the procedure.

    • 1.Recognise and objectively score pain pre-op and post-op, and recognise pain intra-op
    • 2.Consider which surgical procedures are most painful and why?
    • 3.Discuss the analgesia categories available
    • 4.Outline multimodal analgesic plans and rescue analgesic plans


    Presented by Dr Alan Taylor BSc, BSc(Open)(Hons), BVSc(Hons), Cert VA, Dip ECVAA, MRCVS
    Clinical Anaesthetist, CityU VMC

    Presented at Singapore Vet 2019
    RVC Clinical Theatre 1
    Saturday, 12 October at 2:55 PM