• Is Breakthrough Pain Haunting your Canine OA Management?

    Is Breakthrough Pain Haunting your Canine OA Management?

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    Breakthrough pain is manifest as a deterioration in comfort levels, which are commonly reported as the dog having a bad day or being noticeably more painful after missing doses of analgesics. We can equip our pet owners to recognise the pain behaviours seen with breakthrough pain and work to optimise both our analgesic and our rehabilitation strategies to ensure the risk of pain breaking through is minimised. What should you think about in preventing breakthrough pain and what should the pet owner focus on?


    Presented by: Matt Gurney, RCVS & EBVS European Specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesia & Analgesia - Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists/The Zero Pain Philosophy

    Sponsored by: AnimalCare

    Presented as a live webinar, July 2021

    Please note this session is not RACE-approved but you can still earn a CPD certificate​.