• Hot Topics in Practice Management - A Roundtable Discussion

    Hot Topics in Practice Management - A Roundtable Discussion

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    Modern customers are more demanding than ever. Generations raised on digital and mobile technologies expect speed, choice, and customization in nearly everything; including their interactions with care providers. To succeed, veterinary practices cannot simply meet customer expectations, they must exceed them. This is forcing practice managers to completely rethink the traditional methods of contacting clients which fail to meet today's consumer expectations. Savvy practice managers are using 2-way texting and digital reminders- growing customer satisfaction and bottom-line revenue. Join this roundtable discussion to hear first-hand from veterinary team members who have embraced texting and photo sharing, intelligent reminders to her how they are better growing, serving and retaining customers while improving pet wellness compliance.

    Practice Management

    Mark Olcott, DVM
    Founder and CEO at VitusVet

    Lisa Aumiller, DVM
    Founder at Housepaws Mobile Veterinary Service

    Mara DiGrazia, DVM
    Veterinarian/Co-Owner at V.E.T.S. New Hyde Park, Mineola and The Cat Doctor of NHP

    Timothy Burns
    Hospital Administrator at Roaring Brook Veterinary Hospital

    Supported by VitusVet

    Presented at New York Vet 2019
    Business Theater