• Feline pawsative about feline inappetence?

    Feline pawsative about feline inappetence?

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    Inappetence is a common reason cats present to their vet, and it can be caused by multiple conditions. However, management needs us to look beyond just treating the underlying disease, as stress, nausea, pain and many other factors can play a role. Untreated inappetence has a very negative effect on recovery from illness and surgery, makes medicating cats difficult and may even hasten euthanasia decisions so should be a priority for us as a veterinary team. 

    • -Understand why inappetence is particularly detrimental in this species
    • -Explain why early intervention to improve nutrition is important
    • -Discuss types of appetite stimulant and when to use them
    Speakers: Sam Taylor, Feline Specialist - International Society of Feline Medicine


    Presented at London Vet Show 2022
    Gallery Suite 17
    Thursday 17th November 2022 

    Please note this session is not RACE-approved but you can still earn a CPD certificate