• Cattle Endoparasites – When and Where to Treat

    Cattle Endoparasites – When and Where to Treat

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    Endoparasites have a major impact on the efficiency of production in cattle herds as well as the health, welfare of cattle.
    Managing the level of challenge is critical to maintain levels of production, while allowing young stock to develop immunity to lung and gut nematodes.
    Anthelminthics alone will not provide the answer to long term sustainable management of endoparasites in cattle

    Farm Animal/Internal Medicine

    Presented by Matthew Colston, BVM&S, Cert.SHP, MRCVS 
    Ruminant Technical Consultant at Elanco Animal Health

    Presented at the London Vet Show 2019 
    BVA Farm Animal Theatre 1 
    Thursday, 14 November at 2:05pm