• Can Large Scale Puppy Farming Ever be Justified?

    Can Large Scale Puppy Farming Ever be Justified?

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    Demand for puppies shows no sign of abating and in the age of the ‘now culture’ people are turning to the internet to find puppies, often via irresponsible breeders or illegal importers. Some UK-based large-scale breeders are now asking what it would take for the animal welfare community to accept them and support what they are doing to meet this ever-increasing demand.

    But could large-scale breeders ever fulfil the health and welfare needs of the puppies and their mothers? In this session we tackle this fundamental question from different perspectives exploring whether it could be done from a regulatory point of view, and whether it should be done from an ethical point of view.

    Practice Management

    Presented by Sean Wensley, BVSc MSc FRCVS
    Senior Veterinary Surgeon (Communication and Education) at PDSA

    Presented by Chris Laurence, MBE QVRM TD BVSc FRCVS
    Chair of Trustees at Animal Welfare Foundation

    Presented by Rob Quest
    Assistant Director at City of London Corporation
    Sponsored by BVRA
    Presented at the London Vet Show 2019
    BVA Congress
    Thursday, November 14 at 3:40 PM