• Beyond Opioids: Acupuncture for Pain Management

    Beyond Opioids: Acupuncture for Pain Management

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    The medical credo, primum non nocere, compels us to consider nonsurgical, science-based, integrative medical options for pain, whether it originates from orthopedic disease, neurologic injury, trauma, or surgery. Acupuncture offers a spectrum of benefits for pain problems, working in ways that assist the body in recovery and the restoration of homeostasis, in contrast to the addictive and negative processes that pharmaceutical opioids engender. While it impacts the endogenous opioid system and other neurotransmitter pathways, acupuncture equals or outperforms pharmaceutical opioids for the treatment of pain based on clinical research. Furthermore, replacing opioids with medical acupuncture and related techniques lowers the risk of drug diversion by eliminating the need for narcotic prescriptions. Learn the ways in which acupuncture lowers pain and discomfort from myofascial, neuropathic, inflammatory, and visceral sources.

    Integrative Medicine

    Presented by Narda Robinson, DO, DVM, MS, FAAMA
    Veterinarian, Osteopathic Physician at CuraCore Integrative Medicine & Education Center

    Presented at WWV 2019