• Fluid Therapy - What, Why & When

    Fluid Therapy - What, Why & When

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    Fluid therapy is a vital part of the management of patients with shock, dehydration, increased ongoing losses, electrolyte imbalances and maintenance fluid therapy. During this session we will explore the importance of patient history and assessment in order to identify any fluid deficits such as hypovolemia or dehydration. Once a fluid deficit has been detected we can devise a fluid therapy plan to replace the deficit and support the patient with any ongoing losses. There are a number of fluid choices available on the veterinary market and during this session we will discuss the indications and contraindications of the common fluid types.

    Veterinary Nursing 

    Presented by Eleanor Haskey, RVN BSc(hons) VTS(ECC) VPAC A1 PGCert.Head Emergency and Critical Care Nurse at Royal Veterinary College

    Sponsored by AnimalCare

    Presented at London Vet Show 2019