• Infectious Diseases of Companion Mammals

    Infectious Diseases of Companion Mammals

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    Exotic companion mammals (ECM) are susceptible to a huge variety of bacterial, viral and fungal diseases. Knowing which disease is more likely than the next is the key to a quick diagnosis and effective treatment. This lecture will present the most common infectious diseases that a practitioner is likely to encounter when treating rabbits, rodents, ferrets, sugar gliders and hedgehogs. Rather than providing an exhaustive list of ECM diseases, the author will provide attendees a list of conditions that are routinely seen in clinical practice and which should be ruled out before less common disease presentations.

    Exotics/Infectious Diseases

    Presented by Dan Johnson, DVM, DABVP-Exotic Companion Mammals
    Owner/Veterinarian at Avian and Exotic Animal Care

    Presented at WWV 2019