• Parasites in Your Pocket (Pets): Companion Mammal Parasitology

    Parasites in Your Pocket (Pets): Companion Mammal Parasitology

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    A wide array of internal and external parasites can affect exotic companion mammals (ECM), and these are responsible for many common presenting complaints in exotic mammal species. This lecture will focus on the parasites frequently encountered in clinical practice and equip attendees with practical solutions to the most routine infestations. We will cover the diagnosis and treatment of parasites affecting rabbits, rodents, ferrets, sugar gliders and hedgehogs. We will emphasize the parasites that should be considered first in the diagnosis of ECM disease and downplay those that are rare.


    Presented by Dan Johnson, DVM, DABVP-Exotic Companion Mammals
    Owner/Veterinarian at Avian and Exotic Animal Care

    Presented at WWV 2019