• Supporting pandemic puppies in practice

    Supporting pandemic puppies in practice

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    In this presentation we will consider the impact of the pandemic on those puppies born and reared during the periods of lockdown and of limited social activity due to the C-19 virus. The impact will be considered particularly from an emotional perspective and the effect on the behaviour of so called pandemic puppies will be discussed. The challenge that these puppies can pose in a veterinary context will be considered along with approaches that can help to make veterinary visits less stressful for all concerned.

    • 1. Discuss the impact of the pandemic on pet populations and caregivers
    • 2.  Examine the reasons for potential increase in emotional and cognitive health issues in pandemic affected Cpets
    • 3. Consider the role of the veterinary practice in dealing with pandemic pets and their potential issues


     Presented by Sarah Heath, Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine - Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice

    Presented at BVA Live 2023
    Clinical Theatre 2
    Thursday, 11 May, 13:30-14:20

    Please note this session is not RACE-approved but you can still earn a CPD certificate