• Seizure Opportunity! Practical tips for neurological emergencies

    Seizure Opportunity! Practical tips for neurological emergencies

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    Seizure patients present regularly to primary care practice for a variety of reasons and as these patients can decompensate rapidly, expedient care is essential. Although pathophysiology can differ some basic principles prevail with the initial management and stabilisation of these cases. Beyond this, the case management of each case can vary significantly. This session will target early decision-making in seizure cases and will include a critical review of the current evidence base with particular focus on the opportunities and challenges presented with management of the most common presentations in primary care practice.

    • 1. Describe how to approach a seizure patients in practice.
    • 2. Identify key parameters related to the decision making during the assessment of a seizure patient.
    • 3. Develop an evidence-based framework to effectively triage, evaluate and create treatment plans for seizure patients.


    Presented by Aoife Reid, Head of Edge Programmes - Vets Now

    Presented at BVA Live 2023
    Clinical Theatre 1
    Thursdya, 11 May, 16:50-17:40

    Please note this session is not RACE-approved but you can still earn a CPD certificate