• A whiter shade of pale, case based example

    A whiter shade of pale, case based example

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    Not all anaemias are created equal… What can you do when your patient does not follow the rules? A case-based discussion to guide you on the approach for more complicated and/or less clinically predictable anaemic cases; what clues can use.

    • Apply the haematology results to the clinical context to guide a systematic investigation.
    • Identify those true non-regenerative anaemias.
    • Learn the indication and application of bone marrow evaluation.
    Stephanie Thompson Holland, Head of Global University Relations - IDEXX
    Michal Neta, Clinical Pathologist, European lead to scientific and education affairs - Idexx Laboratories - UK

    Presented at London Vet Show 2022

    Thursday 17th November 2022 11:00

    Please note this session is not RACE-approved but you can still earn a CPD certificate