• A practical approach to the coughing horse

    A practical approach to the coughing horse

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    The coughing horse is a common presentation in first opinion equine practice, and it is easy to assume that it’s always equine asthma. In this presentation we will challenge that assumption and look into ways of establishing a differential list based on information gained on the yard. Being present on the premises where the horse is living will give much more information than the owners will volunteer, or even be aware of.
    We discuss the presentation and decision tree for further investigation and diagnosis of this common complaint. We will talk about management and managing the clients’ expectations when dealing with these horses. We will wrap up with a few case-based discussions.

    • 1) do not ignore horses with an occasional cough
    • 2) not all coughing horses have asthma
    • 3) if they do have asthma management is more important than drugs
    David Rendle, Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine - EMT Consulting

    Anna Hammond, Clinical Equine Vet - Perth Equine Vets

    Presented at London Vet Show 2022

    Please note this session is not RACE-approved but you can still earn a CPD certificate